5 Hidden Features of Android 9.0 Popsicle

Google has always been one step ahead to challenge any technological provocation coming its way, and this time it has extended the step one more step to enter the Android world. Yes, you have heard it right. Google has launched its first beta tester build of Android P 9.0 version, where P may stand for Popsicle, Pie, Pudding; it can be anything as the abbreviation is not quite sure and not revealed to the public. Though Google has decided to reveal few of its amazing new features to the world and that is what we are going to enlighten you with in this article.

The most astonishing and baffling aspect of this Android P is that Google has carefully taken into note of the welfare of the mankind as the growing dependence of mobile devices has made people completely aloof from the real world entangling them in a virtual world. And this is a real leap of breakthrough in all the Android versions launched so far.

Continue with your reading as you read the article below for a detailed explanation.

#1. Wind Down mode

 windown mode

Wind down mode is a new feature which can automatically activate the “Do not disturb me” alert mode at your bedtime. And it can also be activated by Google Assistant by a command like:

Hey Google, set Wind Down for 9 a.m.”

After you have set the Do not disturb mode, you go to sleep and the mode will be activated at its allotted time and the screen would slowly fade into grayscale. In the course of fading of the screen, it discourages you to use the phone again for late night usage. And guess what, Wind down will be turned off in the morning setting your phone to normal mode.

#2. Turn-by-Turn Directions Indoors

turn by indoors

Android P provides you the support for the IEEE 802.11mc Wi-Fi protocol. With the help of this protocol an indoor GPS tracking system gets enabled in your phone. With proper hardware settings, apps can use Wi-fi round trip time (RTT) to detect the distance between RTT cable access points. And this information in turn helps you to find out your location within a building and can help you move forward with turn-by-turn directions. The new RTT algorithm can also use Multilateration (MLAT) algorithms to determine your device’s location when two or more access points are encountered.

This API not only facilitates indoor navigation but can also be used to virtual voice assistants.

#3. Controlling Media by Volume Rockers by default


A very common pet peeve in the Android community is that of the volume rocker operations. By default in Android Oreo and the previous versions, the volume rocker will adjust the media volume after a song or a video is played and the volume of the ringtone first. Now Google heard about our plight and has introduced default volume adjustment with volume rocker. So Android P has a toggle button, such that with one tap, the user can easily and swiftly toggle between the “mute” and “Vibrate” mode.

#4. Lockdown Mode

 lock mode

Android P has an advanced lockdown mode via which the biometric authentication methods and Smart lock can be disabled temporarily. During situations, when your friends and family forces you to unlock your device, this mode can prevent them from doing so. With the methods completely disabled or non-functional, an intruder required your PIN, Pattern or Password to unlock your device.

#5. HTTPS Default for Apps

 HTTPS Default for Apps

So when you surf internet usually two types of protocols are used, one HTTP and another HTTPS. The only difference between these two protocols is that the latter one is encrypted assuring your data to be safe. But the former one opens you to potential threats. Now Android P onwards, all the Android versions are ordered to use HTTPS protocols by default in applications by XDA back in March of this year. This will definitely ensure that your data is protected from abrupt potential threats when you communicate using any of your applications installed on your device.


If you have read the article keenly, then you must have realized how adequately Google has optimized Android P 9.0 for a better future and user’s welfare. Though it has not been launched in full scale, but most of the diehard Google freaks are waiting for its release desperately. If you are one of them dreading an empty kart on online websites while purchasing it, remain updates with Android P from time to time so that you become the first purchaser to grab the relic.

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