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How to Delete Songs in Android Phones

If you are a music lover, then you must be aware of the fact that using Android mobiles are quite handy to play songs and other MP3 files. Since your Android phone is the only device you carry all around mostly all the time, thus it is the most convenient way to get all the features of a MP3 player within the same Android device, thereby saving you the trouble of carrying an extra device with you.

Now, it is quite legitimate to have fun with your Android phone searching, downloading, playing songs from various applications or online websites. But at times you would not definitely wish to share your persona media files with someone else without your permission. If that is so being the condition, then while selling your Android device to someone else, the possibility of such exploitation or unfair usage of your songs could occur if you don’t delete your Mp3 files properly off your device. The article is simplified with three effective methods to delete songs off your Android device.

Method #1: Delete Songs on Android using Google Play Music App

Now every Android mobile is decked out with Google Play Music App by default where you can easily find all your songs stored in your device. Here in this section, we would employ this very app to delete all the songs on Android phone. 

Step 1. Firstly turn on your Android device and open the Google Play Music App.

Step 2. Now tap the “Music Library” option from the top left corner of the app interface screen to see the app’s menu panel. Select “My Library” and go to your music list.

delete songs on Android phone      

Step 4. Select your track that you wish to delete and tap the menu icon to the side of the selected track.

Step 5. Now finally tap “Delete” from the context menu.         

delete songs from Android phone      

And that’s it! Your song is deleted from the device. You can now repeat the procedure for each and every other track or you could have selected the tracks in one thread and deleted altogether tapping the “Trash” icon.


  • Deletion of music files one by one at time proves to be a bit tedious.
  • The deleted Mp3 files can be retrieved by any expert hackers using certain file recovery tools.

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Method #2: Delete Songs on Android Phone with Soft Reset

In this method, we are going to employ factory reset which is basically a complete formatting procedure in which the internal and SD card storage undergoes a complete wipe out. The method is very simple to put to use to erase your music file on Android. 

factory reset your Android phone

  • Step 1. Tap on “Home” button and then the “Settings” icon.
  • Step 2. Under the “Personal” section, press “Backup & Reset” button. Enter your PIN or Password if asked for authentication.
  • Step 3. Once you are done with this much, press “Factory Reset” option.
  • Step 4. On the following screen, you will be displayed a full scale preview of your device’s contents. Now simply tap on “Reset Phone” button beneath the screen.
  • Step 5. Finally tap “Delete Everything” option and your entire device content including the songs gets deleted once and for all.


  • Along with your songs, your contact details get erased too which might give way to trouble while calling.
  • The deleted songs though erased permanently can be restored with technical skills by any trained hacker.

Method #3: Completely Delete Android Songs Files using SafeWiper

SafeWiper for Android is an amazing data erasing tool which has gained worthy popularity in the past few years for its phenomenal success across the globe. This program can be able to erase everything like photos, text messages, contacts, call history, videos, audios and other from Android phone and tablets. The software has been tested on various levels with variety of devices and has been verified as one of the most authentic data erasing utility with no scope of restoring the deleted data.

erase all data

  • Step 1. Download the tool from its official website on any working computer and get it installed accurately in order to avoid malfunctioning during the procedure.
  • Step 2. Connect your device to the Windows or Mac computer via an USB cable.
  • Step 3. Enable the USB debugging in your Android device. In order to do that locate the following option and enable it: : Settings> Developer Options> USB Debugging
  • Step 4. Now click on “Erase All Data” mode from the listed three modes.
  • Step 5. Click on “Erase now” option to commence the deletion process.

Wait for few moments until your device restarts to apply for the changes you have made. Make sure that your device remains connected to the computer while the process continues.


To erase data like songs and other musical tracks are better if you don’t want your personal collection to be shared with someone unknown. Moreover, the need is foremost when you are about to hand over your device to another user. Thus you need a perfect data erasing tool which can completely delete songs on Android phone with such a precision that no one can recover the data afterwards at any cost. Thus Safewiper for Android is the best option to heed if you really need guaranteed result.

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