3 Ways to Fix iPhone Won’t Charging Suddenly

When you plug your iPhone into your wall or your computer, and your iPhone won’t charge is really a troublesome nowadays to many iPhone users. Yes of course this article is intended to let you know how to fix your problem shortly, but before you do that, you must have a basic idea about iPhone configuration. If you can somehow crack open the charger iPhone you will make wonderful discoveries as it is different from the likes of Nokia, Samsung,  and many other mobile companies.

Usually the iPhone charger consists of a switching power supply which turns on and off many a times around 70000 times per second to give adequate output voltage required to maintain the energy demand of the device. It usually comprises two circuits slightly under one inch in size. The top circuit handles the generally the high input voltage circuitry and the circuit at the bottom handles the low voltage circuitry. These two circuits produce a very refined a highly filtered power. Besides Apple has introduced EMI interference in order to prevent the interference issues with the touchscreen. Alongside it has incorporated many components in it’s charging system which are not included in similar other chargers.

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Method 1: Forced Restart to Fix iPhone If not Charging

If your iPhone won’t charge, the easiest and simplest way to deal with it is to make a forced restart. No matter how much rebooting you have done to your iPhone but sometimes few disorderly bits get stuck in your system and needs to be refreshed once before use. To carry out forced restart simply follow the below guidelines.

Step 1. You will find a press button on the right side of your iPhone (for iPhone 6) which is called the Sleep/Wake button or top button (for other iPhone like iPhone 6 or older versions, iPods, iPads).

Step 2. Once you have pressed the mentioned button, continue to hold it and simultaneously press the Home button (for older versions) or Volume Down button (in case of iPhone 7 or newer versions).

Step 3. Keep on holding the two button tightly so long as the screen doesn’t Turn Off.

Step 4. When the screen get turned off, keep pressing the combination of buttons, and the deviced will be restarted, with the appearance of the Apple logo.

Step 5. When the device is restarted in this way by forced method of restarting it has been flushed out of all debris bits and contents.

Step 6. Plug it now in the socket of your computer or anywhere else, the charging will be started instantly without delay and efficiently.

Method 2: Using Switch Outlets or Ports

Intriguing it may sound, but yes these problems do make a fuss while charging. The USB outlets or ports sometimes are not functional or malfunctioning due to lose connection of its inside socket if you are charging. These electrical or hardware ordeals are quite regular and common which prevents the device from drawing power off the power source. The directives are given below to resolve the issues.


Step 1. Plug your iPhone to the USB port that you usually prefer to choose.

Step 2. If the outlet is not working, it may mean that the inner circuitry has got some issues and need to be resolved manually by changing the circuitry.

Step 3. Pull out the charger pin and plug it into some other USB outlet. There are many outlets provided in your device just because of this very reason that in case your device is not functioning properly you can alternate outlets or jacks for USB.

Step 4. If your other outlets are okay, then it will smoothly work out and your charging will be started without any delay.

Method 3: Service Center Recommendation

Even after refreshing and changing the USB port or outlet your device is not charging you better take to your nearest Apple store or service center for repair.

Sometimes the issues are so intricate to be resolved on your personal level that you have to go to a service center. If the problems are regarding any software malfunctioning it wouldn’t take more than half an hour to resolve your problem. But if the trouble is with the system hardware it may take some time or even days to get resolved. In that case you have to submit your iPhone to the service center for the prescribed time before it gets repaired.


The above article is focused on helping users who often face issues with the charging of iPhone devices. Nonetheless issues like these are quite common with modern devices, because advancement brings challenges and troubles together in the same slot but resolutions and ways to fix them are always available to the ones who really want to fix it. 

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