How to Install Apps on iPhone without iTunes?

How to Install Apps on iPhone without iTunes?

Apple devices always have something different from Android and other Mobile OS. iTunes is the official management tool for iOS that enables users to do a lot of stuff such as syncing music, videos, & movies, installing apps, and many other stuff. For all the tasks, you can use iTunes to manage your idevice. Installing apps and deleting app are the most important and frequently used jobs on our phone. Many users find iTunes tough for installing apps and doing other things. For those, we are sharing how to install apps on iPhone without iTunes.

Ways to Install Apps without iTunes

  1. Using Floola

Step 1 => First of all, download Floola from Cnet

Using Floola

Once downloaded on your computer, run this program.

Step 2 => Now, go to iTunes, and set the managing music and videos manually so that it won’t interrupt when you connect your iPhone to your computer. Now, close iTunes

Step 3 => Start Floola, and click Item there

Start Floola

Then you will see a box where you can drag and drop files into programs. You can then drop apps files as well there, and the app will be working on your iPhone.

  1. Using iFunbox

iFunbox is an app management tool for idevices. It can manage multimedia files as well. Download this on your computer from here. Once it is installed on your PC, run it. Connect your iPhone to PC now.

Now, go to File Browser tab as shown below:

Using iFunbox

Select User Applications. After that click Install App. And locate the ipa or apmx file of the app, and the app will be installed on your iPhone without any use of iTunes.

  1. Using Diwai

This is one of the simplest methods to install apps without using iTunes.

Open the site, Upload the app file there, and send the upload link to your email, WhatsApp or anywhere that you use on your phone. Now, click that link, and click install.

Using Diwai

That’s it. The app will be installed without any further operations.

  1. Using iTools

First of all, download iTools for Windows or Mac.

Now, connect your iPhone to the computer. Launch the iTool now on your PC, and go to the Application option that you can see at the right hand side. Click “install” now. And, locate the ipa file of the app that you wanted to install. You’re done! App is now installed.

These methods are quite like installing Android apps without Google Play. There you find the apk files of the apps, and just save on your phone’s storage and install that just by tapping on them. But, in iOS things are a just little bit changed. Like Android, you need to find out the ipa or apmx file of the app and download it on your computer. Once any of the tools mentioned above is running, you can upload that files only, and the app will be installed.

using iTools

Some precautions for using these methods

  • Always get the ipa file of apps from a valid source. Make sure you have the right file and not something infected because it may infect your phone as well.
  • Always use the best alternative to iTunes which we have mentioned in this post. Don’t go with some spammy looking tool.
  • And, always download those tools either from their official site or some good download site such as Cnet.


If you are one who doesn’t like to work with iTunes, this article will help you well. Make sure to use the right tool. That’s what you have to do, and you are ready to enjoy installing the apps without using iTunes.

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