How to Take Screenshots on iPhone X?

If you are familiar with screenshot capturing on platforms other than iOS, then you would not find much of a bigger difference than what you already know. But yet, since the iPhone X has changed its Touch ID feature in exchange for Face ID, the mechanism of taking screenshot has found some changes than the previous iPhones. And this is where are going to help you to know that. Though the process is a bit different, but you will get it down the lane in time.

Now cutting the discussion to shorter terms, it’s just the simple method of pressing “Volume up” and “Lock” buttons at the same time, but for more in-depth explanation as to how take screenshots and alternative methods, read on.

#1. How to take Screenshots with Device buttons

Most of the users are only aware of the physical button combinations for various models, and since it’s quite handy to put this trick to use, we would discuss it in full length below in the article:

Step 1. Since there is no home button on your iPhone set, take some time to first locate your Volume up and lock buttons. These would be the large button located on the right hand side and the top button on the left hand side of the phone. The configuration might seem peculiar at first, but you will get used to it in no time with repeated attempts.

take screenshot on iphone X

Step 2. Now to take the screenshots, you have to press both the “Volume up” and “Lock” buttons at the same time in proper synchronization. The screen would briefly flash with a shutter sound of a camera and your screenshot will instantly appear at the bottom left corner of the screen. If your phone is in silent mode, you will see the flash only without any shutter sound experience.

Step 3. Now after the screenshot is taken, if you don’t reject it by swiping to the left, it will disappear all of its own accord after a moment and will be saved on your device. Now tap on the screenshot to select and it will pull out many other options to edit it. For instance the options to magnify it, crop it, and also mark the screenshot with coloring tools.

how to take screenshot on iphone X

Step 4. After editing you will get the option to share it via various online platforms, like Facebook, Twitter, Mail, Message, etc.

take screenshot on iphone x

Now this is the usual process of taking screenshot with button combinations, but there is an alternative method also for iPhone X to take screenshot without direct button combination. To know that, continue your reading down the article.

#2. How to Take Screenshots with AssistiveTouch

Apart from the conventional button combination, iPhone X avails you an option to take screenshot in the “Settings” section of the device, known as “AssistiveTouch”. AssistiveTouch helps you perform more complex touch based actions during taking the screenshot, for instance activating 3D touch, pinching, multi-finger swiping, etc. Just like the previous trick for taking screenshot, this pathway also remains unknown to most of the users, but luckily we would reveal it to you here in this section below:

Step 1. In order to open the AssistiveTouch option, go to “Settings”, then “General” option, and then “Accessibility”. Now toggle AssistiveTouch option.


If you wish to bring the AssistiveTouch menu as an open menu option which is the conventional format where the menu opens up after pressing the AssistiveTouch option, you have to customize the option. In order to do that firstly go to the following location, “Settings> General> Accessibility> AssistiveTouch”. Now tap on “Customize Top Level Menu”, and there you can tap the menu icon to see the different choices in a list. You can scroll down to choose or add “Screenshot”. You can also select if you wish to open the menu with single-tap, double-tap, long press, 3D touch, etc.


Step 2. After you are set with the favorable conditions as per your choices with the AssistiveTouch, you have to press its icon to open up the menu and tap on “Screenshot” option.

Step 3. Instantly your iPhone display will briefly show you white flash with a fainter shutter sound signaling the successful capture of the screenshot.

Step 4. Once you have successfully captured the screenshot, it will automatically be saved to your photo album despite you swiping the screenshot to the left of the screen to dismiss it. Tap on it and you will get the editing options to crop, magnify, mark up image, and share it with social media.


Taking screenshot has nowadays become a traditional way to capture any webpage, video clips, text documents on an urgent basis, and has really resolved the issue of depending upon third party tools to do the job. And when it comes to iOS platform, you get to see more alternative in the form of AssistiveTouch as well which gives iPhone a notch of preference over the other Smart phones available in the market.

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