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Top 5 Android Manager Software in 2018

If you are an avid user of iPhone or any other apple products then you must have the exact knowledge of the on-goings of iTunes. It is a marvelous invention of Apple basically designed to provide a suitable platform where the users can easily play, download, manage media files as per their preferences.

Now if you are currently using an Android device, or have switched from the domain of Apple products, then you surely would have the same niche to use iTunes or any similar software version akin to iTunes on your Android device. Needless to say, the architecture of Android OS is hugely different from that of iDevices. So it is very hard to find any device similar to that of iTunes, but there are certain tools which can help you get your job done. Since each of them offers you tempting set of choices, so you are ought to praise their efficiency.

Continue reading to know few such tools which can apparently work as alternatives on Android.

#1: AirDroid


AirDroid is peaking high points on the internet market as it can enable the user to manage media files both on PC and MAC. It also provides you an online interface, and a very much similar manager interface on Android to manage your media files. The best part about this app is that it need not be installed unless you want it and can directly be accessed from the web. But unfortunately it has got a lot of bug issue if you are using the web version.

#2: Mobiledit Lite

Mobiledit Lite

Just like iTunes it helps you to access any file quickly on an emergency basis and at the same time provides you the means to keep vigilance upon the contents and backup of your Android Phone. It also enables you to send texts and to update your system at any time.

#3: Wondershare TunesGo


It is also a free application which allows you to manage your device contents securely whether it’s an Android or iOS platform. The tool gives a stellar performance when it comes to managing your device contents and provides some advanced functions which make your job much easier. Besides mere data management, the tool provides you the means to optimize your phone by boosting the speed, removing garbage files. It also helps you to connect wirelessly to your desktop and to transfer data to and from it.

#4: Samsung Kies

Samsung Kies

Samsung kies is a freely available app which is specially devised for Samsung devices, and enables you to control or manage your phone remotely even from your Windows PC or Mac computers. It offers you several neat features for instance you can install it without much difficulty, and connecting your phone to computer is very simple. Although if you are a novice you might get confused with so many functions of the tool, but with time you will become adept with it.

#5: HTC Sync Manager

HTC Sync Manager is a freely available app specifically designed for HTC phones. It helps to manage HTC Phones contents quickly with great reliability and efficiency. The app enables you to sync calendar, events, and contacts and perform various other activities. Though the interface is very easier to use, but yet there are certain connectivity issues which cannot be takes for granted at some point of time.

htc sync manager


Though initially it was considered to be an impossible task to run an app similar to that of iTunes on Android platform, but with the pace of recent advancement, various tools are created which can do the same as iTunes on Android. Out of those various tools few effective ones are listed above in the article. If you wish to you know more about the tools, don’t forget to visit our official website from time to time.

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