How to Find And Delete Movie Files on Mac?

To find and delete movie files on Mac, you can use the Finder app.
1. Open the Finder app, located in your Applications folder.
2. In the search bar at the top right of the window type “.mov” (without quotes) to search for all movie files on your Mac. You can also enter other extensions that are related to movie files such as “.mp4”, “.mkv”, etc., if you need to find those files too.
3. Select all of the results you want to delete by pressing Command+A or clicking Edit > Select All from the menu bar at the top of your screen.
4. Click File > Move To Trash from the menu bar, or press Command+Delete on your keyboard, to move them into your Trash folder.
5. To permanently delete these items, open up your Trash folder and select Empty Trash from within it (right-click/control-click this option). This will remove all items stored in there permanently from your Mac’s hard drive

How do I find and delete movies on my Mac?

Where do I find movie files on my Mac?

If you are looking for movie files on your Mac, there are a few methods you can use to find them.

1. Use the Finder application: Open the Finder window and select ‘All My Files’ from the left sidebar. This will show all of the files on your Mac, including any movie files that may be present.

2. Use Spotlight search: Click the magnifying glass at the top right of your screen and type part of the file name or an associated keyword into the search bar to find movies stored anywhere on your computer.

3. View recently added movies: Go to Applications > Movies then click File > Recent Items from the menu bar. This will display recent movie files that have been opened or added to your Mac’s library.

How do I free up movie Storage on my Mac?

There are several ways to free up movie storage on your Mac.
1. To start, check the size of each file or folder in your Movies folder. You may find that some files or folders take up more space than necessary and can be deleted or moved to an external hard drive for long-term storage.
2. If you have multiple copies of the same movie, delete the extras to save space.
3. Compress large movies into smaller formats such as H264, MP4, and MOV using a program like Handbrake ( This will help reduce their file size without significantly reducing quality.
4. Purchase an external hard drive and use it to store movies you don’t need immediate access to but would like to keep for future reference/viewing pleasure. This will help free up space on your Mac’s internal storage while still providing easy access when needed in the future.

How do you delete video files on a Mac?

To delete video files on a Mac, you can use the Finder app. First, open the Finder app and then locate the file or folder containing the video file. Right-click (or control-click) on the file or folder and select “Move to Trash” from the menu that appears. Alternatively, you can select the file or folder and press Command+Delete on your keyboard to move it to the Trash. Finally, empty your Trash by right-clicking (or control-clicking) on it in your Dock and selecting “Empty Trash”.

Where are permanently deleted files on Mac?

Permanently deleted files on Mac are stored in the Trash folder. Once a file is placed in the Trash folder, it can be permanently deleted by selecting the “Empty Trash” command from the Finder menu. It’s important to note that this action is irreversible, as there is no way to recover permanently deleted files from your Mac.

How do I delete a movie I downloaded?

To delete a movie you’ve downloaded, you will need to locate the file on your device. Depending on the type of device and how the movie was downloaded, this may vary. If you downloaded it from an app, for example, it may be located in an app-specific folder or download folder. Once you have found the file, simply right click and select ‘Delete’. Alternately, if your operating system supports dragging and dropping files into a trash/recycle bin icon at the bottom of your screen then that can also be used to delete unwanted files.

Where are TV files stored on Mac?

TV files on a Mac are stored in the Movies folder, located within the Finder. To access the Movies folder, open Finder and click on the “Movies” option from the left sidebar. Any TV shows that you have downloaded will be located within this folder.

How do I clean up large files on my Mac?

To clean up large files on your Mac, you can use the built-in Storage Management tool. To get started:
1. Open Finder and select “About This Mac” from the Apple menu at the top of your screen.
2. In the Overview tab, select “Storage” to open the Storage Management window.
3. Select “Manage” next to your current storage plan, then click on “Review Files” located in the sidebar pane to view all available options for reviewing and managing your files and folders.
4. Once you have reviewed your files, you can delete any large unnecessary files by selecting them and clicking the “Delete” button located at the bottom of the window.
5. You may also want to review which applications are taking up a large amount of space and consider uninstalling or archiving those that are no longer necessary or used often in order to free up additional storage space on your Mac device.

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