Why is Permanent Data Wiping Necessary on Mac?

You may be surprised that simple deletion or formatting will not completely erase the personal data from your Mac computer or storage system. For instance, when you perform deletion action or empty the Recycle Bin, the data was not actually deleted, any time that a file is deleted from your computer, it is not erased, the windows system just marks the sectors for the deleted data, the deleted file will be no longer showed on your hard drive, the file is still recoverable until Windows or Mac writes new data over the sectors.


• Prevent your personal data from falling into the wrong hands

• You want to sell or donate your computer but don't want anyone to access your data.


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Securely Erase Your Private Data
Completely and Securely Erase Your Private Data, 100% Unrecoverable

People must be aware that the ‘deleted data' can still be recovered due to the data is not really gone, a recovery program can easily scan a hard drive for the deleted files and easily retrieve them.To make the deleted data 100% unrecoverable, The only way to completely erase your personal data is to overwrite the data to the same sector. This data wiper software (Mac/Windows) is especially designed to permanently wipe all of your deleted data or private data, which can't be recovered by any data recovery programs, it uses a variety of advanced and standard wiping algorithms to securely overwrite free space on your computer or other storage medium. A good data wiper application should provide many choices for the wiping algorithms, Safewiper did.



Completely Erase "Already Deleted" or "Formated" Files without Restore
Completely Erase "Already Deleted" or "Formated" Files without Restore

Simple deletion or formatting will not far enough to permanently erase your sensitive data from your computer or memory card, in fact, when you're deleting a files on your Mac computer or external hard drive, the system only delete the pointer and marks the space they occupy as “unused”, the system will write over these unused sectors soon, anyone who use the data recovery utility can easily scan out the data that already deleted or formatted, assuming they haven't been overwritten yet.


"Delete'" for "formatting" can also put your privacy at risk. Wiping hard drive space will ensure your deleted or formatted files can't be recovered.

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12+ Wiping Algorithms For Your Choice

A good data wiping software should offer users with a choice of several algorithms, however Safewiper Mac Data Wiper program uses multiple advanced and standard algorithms to perform the wiping task.


Safewiper employs standard wiping algorithms: Zeroes, Pseudo-Random, B.Schneier's algorithm (7 passes), Russian Standard – GOST, German Standard, VSITR (7 passes), Peter Gutmann, (35 passes). US Army AR 380-19 (3 passes),




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  • wipe data for unused drive
  • file wiping software
  • wipe internet history

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I have been seeking an secure solution to permanently delete the data on my old computer before selling it out. Safewiper Data Wiper for Mac is the best from the method I tried out. The entire system was cleaned and I couldn't find any previous data on the computer even with the help of the most sophisticated data recovery software.










The software is so great ! ! ! My computer speeds up dramatically when using it to wipes system traces, such as user data, memory dumps, logs and recently used documents. I do the same process when starts my Mac. Then it will run smoothly in the rest of the day. What's more, it only takes a few minutes to complete the task.