Permanently Erase All Data , 100% Unrecoverable

Changing an old iPhone for a new one at a yearly basis is common scenario among Apple fans. In such cases, privacy is a big concern when handling over the old device to another personal, which you are not familiar with, like selling it on eBay.


iOS Data Wiper helps you erase all your data stored on iPhone, iPod or iPad within several clicks. Then all your data, including account credentials, app data and documents are gone forever. No data recovery software available on the market can recover a single piece of your data on your sold device. Your data is 100% in private!

permanently erase data


2 Options Available for Data Erasing
5 Options Available for Data Erasing

There are two erasing methods in default: erase all data or erase deleted files. It depends on what the device you're gone to give out.


Erase all data: The data will be wiped out totally and everything stored on the device is gone once this option is selected. It's highly recommended in most cases.


Erase deleted files: This is a lightweight data clean option. Only deleted files will be cleared to save more time on the task. This applies to the cases that you have manually deleted the apps and items on the device, however, you have no means to find the previously deleted files, which is recoverable with certain programs.

File Types Supported to Erase
File Types Supported to Erase
Call History Remove the call or FaceTime history one by one, or all at once.
Messages Erase messages and attached files in iMessages and SMS
Photo & Video Permanently destroy all photos and videos in device
Contacts Wipe all contacts list in SIM or external storage
Cookis & History Remove user's indentify,History and cookis saved in Safari
Keyboard Cache Clear the Keyboard cache, no body knows your operation
Email Eliminate the cached emails from the web-mails.
Note & Reminder Erase your Notes and Reminder in your iOS devices
Active Apps Erminate running apps that are consuming system resource.
System setting Empty system and user app background notification.
3 eraser mode
3 Wiping Models Embedded for Different Need

Low: Write a series of zero bytes to override the existing hard disk, like a disk reformatting on computer. This is is the fastest way to wipe the entire device.


Medium: Write two pieces of random data followed by a single piece of known data to the iDevice. A much more secure option than the Low model. All of the existing data will be overwritten by a serial of random data, making the formatting pattern more unrecoverable.


High: Use a mixed set of sophisticated commands to overlap the existing data by repeating the same process in 3 times. This is by far the most secure data wiping method, however, the most time consuming at the same time.



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  • scan deleted files

  • erase data from iPhone, iPad and iPod
  • clean up your iPhone or iPad
  • wipe iphone, ipad and iPod clean

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Get my iPhone 4S wiped clearly in a few minutes by using this nice utility. After that, all of the privacy data and apps are gone. Right now, I can sell it on eBay without any problem now! Worth a recommendation!










I was very concerned about the personal data leaked before giving my iPhone 5 to a foreign friend. As I know certain software is capable of recovering the deleted data. However, after wiping my device with this software, none of data is recoverable ever with the most powerful data recovery .