2 Ways to Permanently Wipe A Mac Clean Before Selling


Looking for a solution of this type that can be used to protect remove the Macintosh hard drive before reselling your old Mac machine, so have to worry about people (mostly computer geeks) has any chance of data recovery from the old computer! It gets to the right place and focus on the need to clean Mac and how doing the work in selective options, based on the particular circumstances.


Sulution 1: Thought Empty Trash to Delete Files Permanently? NO!


You are simply wrong! The fact is - when you empty the Recycle Bin, or using other similar methods (such as Command + Shift + Del) to remove unnecessary files you though that prevented the trash, then almost certainly still recoverable. Because the files are not actually deleted. What happens is that there are no more files regarding the Macintosh operating system (HFS +), is concerned and the space they occupied becomes available for reuse by other files.


Empty Trash


But the disk space does not get reused immediately for the data presented in the deletion will remain on the hard disk for the future to come. Usually, it will take weeks, even months to make those deleted files "written on" the new data generated. These data are highly risky, because they can be recovered if a bad guy get your Mac!



Solution 2: Wipe A Mac Clean with Data Wiper Software (Recommend)


Simple deletion will not far enough to permanently remove your private data from your Mac hard drive, it just remove the corresponding data entry for each file. The original data still resides on the Mac hard drive and can be easily recovered using any data recovery applications. So in order to wipe your sensitive data beyond recovery, the deleted data must be overwritten many times with new data algorithm. The most efficient solution to clean Mac safely without the CD is data wiping program.


If you prefer a pure gum Mac program, Safewiper Data Wiper Mac can be a good program to wipe sensitive data from both the physical and the logical drives. It offers two scan modes "File Wipe" and "Drive Wipe" which can be used to effectively delete a series of files and Mac wipe Mac hard drives. The tool is completely easy to use as it requires no special skills. Once a drive has been wiped, it cannot be recovered using any recovery tools.


Key Features of Wipe Mac Tool

  • • Wipes selected files and entire folder on Mac
  • • Completely wipes Internet browsing data, system traces, recent file histories.
  • • Permanently erases Mac hard drive without restore.
  • • Allows to schedule the wiping process and wiping time.
  • • Wipes recent Ffile histories and free space
  • • Compatible with Mac OS X 10.7, 10.6, 10.5, and 10.4





Step 1 Download and Install the Wipe Mac Application, Run It.


Download and install the program on your Mac, then launch the program from desktop shortcut.


insall file wipe on Mac


Note: As you can see, it offers three wiping options for your needs, "Erase File/Folers" and " Wipe Drive" and "Wipe Unused Space" , you seleect the one based on your actual needs.



Step 2 Select the File Type You Need to Wipe


In this article, we take the "File Wipe" as an example to explain how it works. Select the "File Wip" and next,

All of your hard drivers will be listed on the right, then, choose the drive which needs to be completely wiped off and click on "Next" option.


Select Wipe Now from Wiping Options



You can see there are 6 data wiping options designed for your choice, each is targeted for different wiping needs.

For example "Wipe internet avtivily" can wipes all Internet activity traces and temporary Internet files, including URL you typed, online forms you filled, users names and password you entered, browsing history, temporary files it created.


Choose Photo Wiping Algorithm



Step 3 Start to Wipe Your Mac Data


In some wiping option, you'll be required to choose the essential shredding pattern based on the requirement, you can easily select the security levels. Click the "Start wiping" button to start to wipe the selected the data. After the wiping process is complete, an intimating message will be displayed.


Deleting Photos from SD Card


As you can see, all of your sensitive data will be completely wiped without restore. So, when you plan to resell your Mac computer, you should be aware of the data security isn't highly crucial and you must keep in mind that simple deletion or emptying the "trash" will not totally erase all your personal data away, using some free data recovery apps those deleted files can be easily recovered, others can easily reopen and rebuild your personal data. So to permanently wipe a Mac clean without recovery, you'd better try this Mac wiping software, it has built many advanced wiping algorithm  that can automatically wipe your hard drive or selected sensitive data. It makes impossible to get back files by making use of any recovery tools.








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