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iPhone Data Eraser

This iOS Data Wiper program is an advanced data smashing tool, it's designed to flush out unwanted or sensitive data forever from the your iPhone, iPad and iPod device. None of recovery software available with be able to get it back.





Android Data Eraser

SafeWiper for Android is a powerful and compact data wiping software that allows users to destroy all data on Android phones and tablets completely.

All-in-One Data Wiper for Mac

It is the best data shredder program that can help you shred data completely, wipe out data from hard drive on your computer.

  • 100% erasure

    100% Erasure

    100% Permanent Erasure of Your iDevice's Data, Nothing Recoverable

  • 2 options

    Multiple Options

    Erase all data on your device and erase deleted files.

  • 3 wiping modes

    3 Modes

    3 different modes to erase data safely from your iDevice

  • No Traceability

    No Traceability

    It leaves no traceability and no one knows the data is erased

  • Works iDevices

    Works Devices

    It works for all iDevices and Android Phone.

  • supprt iOS 7

    iOS 10.2

    There's a continual updating of iOS system and auto update