iOS Erasing Turorials

Most often you need to erase private data when you are selling old iOS device. However, if you delete files by using delete keys, the files still resides at the same storage location, it just is simply flagged or marked as deleted and still can be recoverable.

How to Permanently Erase iPhone Contacts before Selling
If you're selling your iPhone device or passing it on to someone else, the first thing you have to do is make sure they won't have access to any of your personal data, you have to deep smarsh your iPhone contacts.
iPhone SMS Wiper - 3 Steps to Erease Messages from iPhone 4/4s/5
It is essential for you to thoroughly and permanently delete your private text messages from your iPhone when you want to sell it, this article provides iPhone user with a safe erasing mode, learn more >>>
How to Completely Delete iPhone Private Photos before Selling
Please remember that sample deletion in iPhone is absolutely enough, most of iPhone data recovery program can easily restore deleted data from iPhone, so to ensure your private messages were completely erased, you have to use professional iOS data wiper app.
4 Steps to Help You Permanently Erase All Data from Your iPad Before Selling
As we know there are many methods we can use to delete unwanted data from iPad device, but in fact all of these methods cannot permanently erase personal data from iPad device, want to know why? Read this article...
Easy Steps to Delete Everything from Your iPhone Device
You need to permanently delete your files, so that no one else can recover your deleted files which can be sensitive or personal. This is specially important when you share or sell your iPhone.
How to Permanently Erase Recent Call History from iPhone
If you still find it difficult or unable to locate any critical data on your iPhone, then you can use professional iOS Data eraser program to scan all deleted data on your iPhone, including call history, messages, contacts, photos and completely erase them.
An Easy Way to Delete Notes from iPhone without Recovery
Normally, when you need to sell your iPhone, all you have to do delete all private notes files on your iPhone. You know simple deletion is not far enough, read this article and find why?
How to Clear Browser Cache and Cookies on iPhone or iPad
Deleting information on your mobile phone does not mean that it is erased completely. There are a million programs that can fetch data back from a deleted memory. This article takes Broswer Cache&Coookies as an example.
Grab Your Free Copy and Erase iMessages History from iPhone or iPad

One way to prevent nosy people from finding your deleted iMessages is to keep them from gaining access to your iPhone in the first place. Or permanently erase them.

How to Delete Safari Browsing History from iPhone, iPad and iPod Device

Safrai browsers store a list of the private pages you visit on your iPhone, iPad and iPod device in your browsing history. This article will help you remove them.



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