How to Permanently Erase Text Messages from iPhone Device


Smartphone has been playing an important role in our life since the introduction of iPhone. According to leading industry statistics, iPhone has been the most successful smartphone for years. Today, around 1 out of 5 smartphone owner has an iPhone at hand. New features and functions are consistently added to the new models with nearly the same price, the end users tend to change or upgrade their old device more frequently, iPhone is also not an exception. You can easily sell your old iPhone in a short period of time at online market place, like eBay and Craigslist. However, some actions should be taken before selling your iPhone to someone who you don't know well previously.


Privacy is a big concern for all of us and we aren't willing to leaking our personal data to anyone else. As we know, we have our text messages, emails, phone contacts,apps stored on the iPhone. If we don't wipe out the data when selling it to another person, it's very likely that our personal data is accessible to the one who owns the phone next. As a best practice, it's always recommended to delete all of the personal messages stored on iPhone before selling it out.


Actually, iPhone has a default option to delete all of the things on the current iPhone by factory reset. Unfortunately, this method will not permanently wipe your data,which is still available to others with the help of data recovery software. Today, I am gonna to introduce a new tool called iPhone Data Eraser, designed for erasing iPhone Messages permannately and it's absolutely none recoverable.



2 Erasing Options: Wipe SMS Off iPhone 5/6/Plus 7/7Plus Completely


Option 1: Directly Erase Existing Data on iPhone


Step 1 Install and Run iPhone Eraser Program


Download the software through above link and install it on a computer with built-in wizard. The software will be launched automatically when the installation is completed. Then plug your iPhone into the computer via Apple unique USB cable. The program recognizes the device immediately once it's well connected. Make sure iTunes is pre-installed on the computer. The main screen is shown like follows:


Currently, there are four erasing options available: "Express Cleanup" "Erase Private Data" "Erase Deleted Files" and "Erase All Data".


Main panel of iOS safe wiper



Step 2 Choose the Erasing Option and Start to Scan (Erase Private Data)


In most cases, you should choose the "Erase Deleted Files" method, which will erase all of the deleted data permanently. The "Erase All Data" option will remove all files including: existing and deleted files, like photos, SMS, videos and call logs. It will take a few seconds to finish the whole scanning process, please be patient.




Step 3 Select Messages or Other Files, Start to Erase


Once the scan is complete, all the existing private data will be organized by category, you can select items listed under private Data to view data details. You're allowed to erase multiple data at a time by selecting check box. Erasing process will not have any impact on your current data and device, very safe!


scan deleted files



Option 2: Scan and Erase Deleted Data on iPhone


You know simple deletion is not enough; "Erase Deleted Data " optioin is the most effective and safest data erasing solution whih is captable of permanently wiping data from iPhone device. Even you select the lowest level, it's still safe for you data in most cases.


Step 1 Select "Erase Deleted Data" Option, Analyze and Scan Your Device


Click the Start button to begin the erasing process. It takes some time to fully analyze and scan your phone. After that, all of your personal data and deleted data will be displayed on the panel.


Erase deleted files fro iOS



Step 2 Preview Scaned Data and Completely Erase Them Now


Unlike other data wiping programs, This program offers extremely comprehensive preview feature and option that allow you to selectively erase unwanted data, hommization design and easy to use. You can select the "Messages" option and click "Erase Now". It will deep erase all messages on your iPhone device without recovery possibility.


scan deleted files


By using this iOS Data Erasing Software, we need no longer worry about the privacy issue. It's 100% safe to sell the device to another one, even he/she is a tech veteran. Personally, it's a mush-have tool for people who change their mobile phone regularly. Privacy is un-breakable with the help of this iPhone SMS Eraser app.






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