How to Permanently Erase Everything from LG G4/G5/G6 Phone?


LG phones have been serving millions of customers across the globe and the G6 model has such carving that it throbs your heart to buy it the moment you see it. Needless to say, once you get a hold of such a remarkable Smartphone, you would thoroughly use it for your entertainment, like taking snaps, videos, watching movies, chatting, etc. and utilizing many more features it avails.


Now suppose after using it for a while, you have decided to sell it to someone and hand it over to someone else. But have you ever wondered what will happen if you hand it over to any stranger without cleansing your entire device internally? There are many personal information or credentials presents in your phone, like text messages, contact details, images, etc which are prone to be exploited if fallen into the wrong hadnds. Thus it is very much required to completely delete all your data off your LG device before handing it over to someone else or else you might get into some trouble.


The article below would demonstrate you three effective methods to wipe everything on LG phone. Choose any of them as per your requirement and choice.

Method #1: Erase All Data using Factory Reset


Factory reset is basically required when your device is in a very bad condition and you need to format it to make it completely new and refreshing. And thus here we would use it to primarily erase all data from your Device. The guidelines are divided into simpler steps as follows:


Step 1. Press on "Menu" and open the "Settings" app. You can alternately swipe down the screen and select the "Gear" icon to do the same job.


Step 2. Locate the "Personal" tab, and under the same section tap the "Backup and Reset" option. You may need to enter the PIN or password for authentication.


Step 3. Now; tap on "Factory Data Reset".


factory reset your LG phone


Step 4. A lot of information will be displayed on the screen of the device from which you can select what you exactly wish to delete. Select "Reset Device" to format the entire device.



Factory Reset doesn't completely wipe out the data from Lg phone, and they can still be recovered using some professional data recovery tools. See why factory reset won't wipe data on Android.




Method 2: Completely Wipe Your LG Phone with Safewiper for Android


SafeWiper is a wonderful tool which is perfectly efficient enough to wipe away the entire data of your Android device. The most significant feature of this tool is that once the data is erased it is not in the position of recovery anymore even by the most powerful recovery tool available on the Internet Market. The personal information is removed from your internal storage as well as from your SD card. Thus it provides the user the most secured assurance.

Safewiper for Android

  • Comes with 3 operational modes to erase data – Erase All Data, Erase Private Data, Erase App Data.
  • Wipe your sensitive data with advanced algorithm which overwrites your data with 7 times.
  • Supports various file types, including WhatsApp,Messages & Contacts & Photos & Videos & Audio
  • Supports all Android devices like Samsung, LG, HTC, Sony and more.


Download it here and try to wipe your LG phone.




Step 1 Install Android Eraser on A Computer and Connect Your LG Phone to PC


From your Mac or Windows computer, download the program first from its official website, and install it with all terms and conditions. Then connect your Android device to the computer via USB and register the program.


Install Android Eraser


Note: Now go to the following location: Settings> Developer Options> USB Debugging to enable the USB Debugging Mode on your phone.



Step 2 Select the Feature of 'Erase All Data'


The utility offers 3 modes of deletion- Erase All Data, Erase App Data, Erase Private Data. Here in this section we would choose, "Erase All Data" to wipe all data on LG phone.


samsung data eraser



Step 3 Confim to Erase Your Data


Now, in this step, you need to type the Erase letter to confirm your erasing. To make a deep erasing, you can also choose the different wiping level in the Settings.


erase data from samsung


Now, in this step, you need to type the Erase letter to confirm your erasing. To make a deep erasing, you can also choose the different wiping level in the Settings. This will make your data unrecoverable!

Select Security Level



Step 4 Start to Erase Data on LG Phone


Now the program will start erasing the data which might take few minutes. During the period keep your device connected to your computer. Once it is all done! Your LG phone will be completely clean like the newly purchased model.

Erase photos




The above article has clearly shown that the first method is not that reliable if you wish to get a guaranteed output. As you can see that no matter how many times you delete your data off your device, there shall always be a possibility for its recovery by any technical experts or hackers.


Thus SafeWiper for Android is the 100% authentic tool which is capable of deleting data with no scope for data recovery in the future. Thus if you are really on to selling your LG device to someone else, make sure you prefer SafeWiper first to delete everything. SafeWiper can do your job in no time with the least traces of data remaining within the device once the tool has wiped out everything.






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