Hard Drive & Card Erasing Topics

When you delete a file, the contents of deleted file aren't physically destroyed on the hard drive or memory cards; it just is simply flagged or marked as deleted. It can be restored easily using any file retrieval tool; it is always need to erase the space to remove the deleted files permanently.

How to Delete Browsing History on Mac
Tensed if someone could glance at your embarrassing browsing history? Well, say good bye to your browsing history forever now.
How to Destroy A Hard Drive

Donating or selling your old hard drive to less fortunates? But, first learn how to delete a hard drive permanently to maintain the privacy of your identification.

How to Delete Files on Mac

A simple deletion won’t really erase anything from your Mac. Learn how to delete files on Mac professionally with 0% recovery chance.

How to Wipe USB Flash Drive Completely

Why do you need to erase USB flash drive manually when you can delete everything from your USB stick in just 1 click. Find out how to achieve that in seconds.

What to Do before Selling Your MacBook

A rather important tutorial before selling your MacBook. You must take proper precautions and we have listed the important things to remember before selling your computer.

Does Formatting SD Card Erase Everything

Do you really think formatting SD card is enough to delete everything permanently? Not a chance! See, how to destroy all files from your SD card completely.

How to Delete Word Document on Mac

Computer cluttered with Word Documents and now you can’t find what you are looking for? Organize your document folders today by deleting all useless files from Mac.

How to Clear Browsing History on Chrome

Do you think your siblings or cousins are snooping what you are surfing daily? Well, they can’t anymore, check out how to clear browsing history on Chrome without any recovery option.

How to Clear Safari Cookies on MacBook Pro

Here there is a two ways to help you how to completely delete Safari cookies on Macbook pro.



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