Android Erasing Topics

All simple deletion on your Android device couldn't permanently erase your personal data, it just like performing deletion operation or clear Recycle Bin on your PC; all of them still remain there and recoverable by most professional data recovery program.

How to Permanently Delete Call History on Android
Did you make private calls and worried if someone would find out about it? Learn how to permanently destroy call history on all Android phones.
How to Delete Chat History on Facebook from Android

Find out how to organize your Facebook Chat logs by deleting all the useless chat history. Nothing looks better than a clear Chat log.

How to Completely Erase Photos from Sony Xperia

Simply deleting photos from Sony Xperia isn’t enough these days. Here’s how to erase all photos beyond recovery and maintain the security of your private pictures.

How to Clear Skype Chat History on Android

Logged into your Skype from public computer? Want to hide your personal chats from siblings? This is how you should clear Skype Chat History permanently.

How to Delete Gmail Account from Android

Signing out from Gmail on your Android before selling it is not safe anymore. You must delete Gmail account login information from Android completely. See, how to accomplish it properly.

How to Format or Reset Andriod Phone

You want to pass your Android to your friends or sell it in the market. Thus, you need to delete your personal data off your device. Before selling your phone, you must format your Android phone.

How to Delete WhatsApp Chat History on Samsung Galaxy Phone

SafeWiper for Android is a skilled and very powerful Android Data Eraser that is used to completely wipe out your phone include WhatsApp chat history.

How to Wipe Samsung Galaxy Phone beyond Recovery

Yet for your convenience, we will write down a step by step guide to show how to use SafeWiper for Android to erase everything from your Samsung Galaxy phone..

How to Delete Contacts from Samsung Galaxy Phone

Do you want to permanently erase one or more contacts from your Samsung phone ?This article will share two ways to help you delete contacts from Samsung galaxy phone.

How to Enable USB debugging on Android Phone

Now the artilce will be divided into 2 parts so as to show you the way to enable USB debugging for three different versions of Android operating system.

How to Wipe Your HTC One Phone before Selling

When you sell or get rid of your HTC Desire phone, your information and settings remain in the phone's memory. What shoud you do?

2 Ways to Wipe Your LG Phone

Here in this article we would demonstrate 2 wonderful solutions to make you aware of how to delete your personal data, like images, contact details, messages, etc from your LG Device.

How to Block Pop-up Ads on Android Phone

There are many ways and apps that cloud block pop-up Ads on Android device, but most of them are not free and not easy to use.








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